Friday, April 02, 2010

let's take over blogger

a good friend of mine (whom i have no respect for haha) messaged me on facebook this morning inviting me to join her masterplan of making blogger a hit again. thinking about my pathetic blog sitting untouched for several months with only spam messages for "recent activity," i readily agreed. now... what to write about?

probably not about these stupid rumors going around that our university graduation is going to be canceled in the light of protests, noise barrages, and mass LOAs.

probably not about how facebook is limiting my creative writing to two poorly-constructed sentences all written in third person.

probably not about how the near future scares me, how all my carefully thought-out plans are crumbling before my very eyes.

probably not about how i recently just made a fool out of myself, and how i'm still convincing myself to not regret doing it.

probably not about how i absolutely dread the day when my newly-found and my oldest friends, and i will finally go our separate ways.

probably not about how self-reflection made me realize how much i've changed, and how i don't really like the person that i've become.

sigh. probably not any of those things.

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Blogger howtogetoverfacebook rambled...

see your entry is actually a compilation of two-liners. that is how fb has destroyed us! so we must destroy it!!!

at April 02, 2010 2:37 PM  

Blogger tara rambled...

shut up. have you counted? marami kayang lines yan. hahaha!

at April 02, 2010 2:41 PM  

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