Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tara's upcm-pgh top ten - part 2

alrighty, #s 6 to 10, here we go...

6. most toxic duty

this has to be that fateful day in august when we went on duty in the ob admitting section. we examined patients non-stop for 24 hours. we had no wink of sleep, had nothing per orem except a few sips of water, had 2 intubated patients, ran one code, had no time to sit, and no bathroom privileges. at the end of our duty, we realized we also had oliguria. acute renal failure, duty-induced, ftw!

honorable mention: pedia er duty with only two interns and an intermittent reliever (bwisit siya). you can just imagine the toxicity.

7. best “good patient care moment”

i think i blogged about this years ago. in LU 5, i had a patient who had abdominal enlargement. at that time, i was a clueless 3rd-year medical student who did not know that her case was ascites, most likely malignant, secondary to a probable ovarian cancer. all i did at that time was interview her, collect a pap smear specimen (which turned out to be very painful for her), and endorse her to an intern because i was late for an sgd. hours later, we ran into each other somewhere near ward 16. after exchanging hellos, she thanked me for all my efforts earlier. after a good cry, i thanked God for teaching me an important lesson in patient care.

honorable mention: upon hearing that i was on duty until the following morning, my patient’s watcher went to jollibee and came back with dinner – for me. wow.

8. most septic moment

a few months ago, during my SOD days, i was decked a partial gut obstruction patient. while inserting an ngt, he emptied his stomach contents all over me. furious, i stalked to our station to grab my keys. i needed to change into clean clothes stat. our dear SOD resident made a funny face at me and asked me what that disgusting smell was. with a wry smile while gesturing at my vomitus-flavored scrubs, i told her it was me.

honorable mention: my only lrdr duty in LU 5. after delivering the baby’s head, a gush of amniotic fluid and blood poured all over my newly-purchased crocs, soaking them, me multi-colored socks and my poor, tired feet. disgusting.

9. best duty team

service 6, hands down. reunion with former blockmates ed and mel? check. being JI to tin's japod? haha. check. two amazing clerks, dee and ching? check. the best, most fun residents who love to eat out? check. awesome rotating interns marguerite and john? check. non-stop partying no matter what the status? check check check!

honorable mention: the toxic tetrad of joy (reyna ng katoxican), geno (hari sa reyna ni joy), rj (ssssslackyyyyy) and me (hindi ssssslackyyyyy haha). it was fun guys. kayo lang ang nagpakain sa akin sa mess hall, at nagturo sa aking okay lang tumambay as kabilang ward basta mag-iwan ng number. in other words, mga BI kayo! :P 

10. best block

most fun block (meaning least grade conscious): block b.
best in extracurricular activities: block 7. kumpleto pa with girls’ night out dinner.
most hardworking: block 9. sa sobrang sipag, hindi na tayo nakapag-beach. kamusta naman ang surf, sand and sea? :P
most BI: block t. mga salbahe kayo! dahil sa inyo, makulay na ang aking personal and social history.

obviously, i’m biased. ;)

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