Saturday, March 12, 2011

one week

sunday: half-day! serendra! fully booked! cupcakes! sleep! why can't all weekends be like this?

monday: er audit missed. hurricane rounds. alone. duty. intubation threat? deferred, thank God. admissions. dinner at freakin' one-thirty am. toxic?

tuesday: sleep? not. don't remember much.

wednesday: wore cute dress because i'm pre and i can. the dawn on ipod on the way to work. (hey, i'm typing longer stuff) rounds rounds rounds. *did not* sedate my patient. sigh. skipped lunch. (what's new?) last minute admission. fell asleep on the couch.

thursday: duty. the clash this time. and xtc. senior's back. yay! sick of pain. asked for help. iv insertion rounds. (one shot, one shot, three. damn.) shrimpless chinese food for dinner (food tastes better when it's free).

friday: no rounds. (sorry!) percutaneous pulmonary balloon valvuloplasty. 2 hours. tried not to fall asleep because interventional cardio is cool. late lunch, but s'cool. baby tolerates feeding, yay! went shopping.

saturday: dressed up (again) because 1. it's saturday, 2. i'm pre, and 3. because i freaking can. note to self: ditch the white coat. it works. headaches and seizures. donations (thanksverymuchweluvyoulikewhoa). eastwood. saw cousins, yay! ate tons, boo! now reading juliet, naked. and wasting your time with this.

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