Wednesday, September 01, 2010

not-quite ennui

because all work and no play makes tara a very dull girl.

since the boards flew by like a hurricane, i’ve plunged into several time-consuming activities to keep myself from falling over from extreme boredom (which i truly hate with a passion, more than toxicity). 
books: yes, i’ve decided to pick up my original hobby. i just finished this depressing book, the subterraneans. it's classic beat lit – dark themes, rambling sentences (punctuations, what are those?), a whole lot of purple prose. i found the writing style confusing (had to reread a few paragraphs to really get what he meant), but liked the story. it was so sad, so haunting. i felt myself yearning to have my heart broken like him because from his writing, it seemed so beautiful. oo, baliw ako.

music: pop music just doesn’t seem to cut it these days. my playlist has gone back several decades – back when minutes-long instrumentals still made me smile, and the heartfelt lyrics felt just right. i started with 80s/90s hair rock (mr. big, bon jovi, kiss, van halen), then eventually gravitated to british rock/punk with the who, xtc, belle and sebastian, and the clash. i swear i have this ridiculous crush on paul gilbert because his riffs make me cry. yikes, now i really think i've gone mad.

tv: it’s not tv, per se. it’s actually more of tv shows from torrents. glee ended too soon, so i had to find other shows to keep me company. i watched a few avatar eps (and joined the zutara ship, eep) for the movie, but eventually decided to skip it because everyone i asked told me it sucked. it’s okay though, the cartoon was cool. i still watch naruto with the brother. i love the father-son moments! recently, i’ve started this insane gilmore girls marathon (all seven seasons, i hope) because of this girl-crush on alexis bledel. in the middle of season two, i’m again reminded why i *heart* milo ventimiglia. omg, jess is still my favorite out of rory’s boyfriends. i want my own jess!

cooking: yes, i cook now. and i manage not to burn the unit down either. mom has taught me a few dishes like adobo, sinigang, nilaga, stirfry (the easiest), shabu-shabu, and sukiyaki. the skills were put to the test when she and dad flew off to australia for a conference and some site-seeing. wow, i was left in the kitchen in my lonesome. but but but… i successfully fed my brother and myself with delicious (yes, it was good) food for a week. i even experimented on banana and peanut butter pancakes for the heck of it. yum!

writing: the words are coming out easier than they used to. i’ve written so much stuff in such a short amount of time. however, due to the personal tone of most of my stuff, none of it’s coming out for public consumption. it’s fine, though. i mostly write for me, after all. i’m a very selfish person. ;)