Thursday, October 26, 2006

my bloggy's famous

all you need to do is take a peek at my tag board to realize that something's up. my little blog which i made a year ago (happy birthday, bloggy!) has reached superstar status thanks to a magazine article. my cousin's friend writes for candy magazine, a popular pinoy teen magazine. she was writing a feature on blog makeovers and she needed a blog so... i said "yes."
i must say that the designs cindy lorenzo made were cute! they remind me of the illustrations of the book, "the little prince." suddenly, there's this urge to make a new layout. and with a week's worth of vacation time left, i might just do it. maybe after my body gets tired of sleeping all day.

i bought another pair of havaianas last week. tsk, it seems i've gotten myself into quite an expensive addiction. P700+ for a pair of rubber slippers? med has turned me into a lunatic.

you see, after studying too much medicine, i tend to blame it for everything.

verse for the day:
the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow His precepts have good understanding. to Him belongs eternal praise. [psalm 111:10]

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

an answered prayer

remember my post about failing this exam in pharma? of course not. you have your own problems to worry about. but seriously, i flunked an exam back in july and i flunked it hard. my face upon seeing my exam results was... well, enough to earn me a role in a horror movie. it was THAT bad.

painful as it was, i had to study again because i had to take the finals to pass my second year in medicine. as i brushed up on my pharmacology lectures yesterday (for my finals), i fell asleep twice. the real studying did not begin until 10:00 am, today. halfway through pharmacokinetics (which is medspeak for "what our bodies do to the drugs we take"), i got a text message from joseph.

apparently, they got my grades mixed up with someone else's. i DID NOT flunk my exam, i DID NOT get that horrible grade, and i, obviously, DO NOT have to take the finals on thursday.

that means i can put away all my reviewers, notes and books, and watch grey's anatomy. that means i can open a bag of lay's to celebrate the end of therapeutics 201. that means i can *finally* go to sleep before 12 tonight. finally.

verse for the day:
the Lord lives! praise be to my Rock! exalted be God my Savior! [psalm 18:46]

Monday, October 02, 2006

milenyo blues

our class was supposed to take written and laboratory pathology exams on friday. a written ob (that's obstetrics in med speak, people) exam was also scheduled on the same day. there was no way i could successfully study for all of them in five days; so, i chose patho. i dedicated three days and three nights to tumors, cancers, pre-cancers, non-cancers and enlarged ovaries. on thursday evening, friday classes were suspended. the ob exam was rescheduled on the next tuesday. the patho exam (which i desperately tried to make sense of) was rescheduled on oct. 16. i studied for the wrong exam.

but that's okay. i had the weekend to read up on ob, gynecology and urology. no prob. so i crammed lectures on prostatic hyperplasia, sexual dysfunction and urinary problems into my very unwilling head... only to find out this afternoon that the exam tomorrow has been postponed to (surprise! surprise!) oct. 16. to make matters worse, i found out that the pharma finals are also scheduled on the same day!

i have to study for a small-group discussion tomorrow. if i open my books, will they postpone the sgd to oct. 16?


verse for the day:
but as for me, i will always have hope; i will praise You more and more. [psalm 71:14]