Sunday, November 27, 2011

10 reasons why i’m still here

every month/week/day, i say i can’t take it anymore. yet, i never walk out, i always show up the next day, i end up finishing the month’s rotation. why? ten reasons.

1. family. you feed me. you nurse me back to health. you help me do literature searches. you fit party schedules around my duty schedule. you wait for me patiently while i finish my rounds. you listen when i whine. you cheer when i succeed. you hold me while i cry. whatever happens, come hell or high water, i know i can always come home to you. i will never disappoint you.

2. peanut. i will give you your shots as your pediatrician even if i have to crawl through fire to get my DPPS.

3. batch mates. i love you guys too much to leave you with one less member. it sucks that we slowly get whittled down as the year goes by. it would be so easy to follow suit – to just leave one day and never look back, except it’s not.

4. batch friends (you know who you are). you almost make brp-ing fun. almost.

5. barkada. you never see me, but you’re always there when i need you. i am selfish. you are selfless. thank you.

6. seniors. i know the older batches keep telling you that you’re too nice. it’s not a bad thing. you encourage us to stay. you inspire us to take the higher road when we’re tried and frustrated . you make us want to be nice just like you. thanks for an awesome year. you will be missed.

7. patients. it is my duty to make you better. learning from you is an honor. i will not leave you in another’s hands.

8. PGH. the system sucks. the human/material resources are severely lacking. i can make it better. i know i can. and for that, i’m staying.

9. character. i am not a quitter.

10. my Father. Your will be done.